Privacy Policy

We are required to store customer data about you, to be able to recieve and process your request.

We will store your name, e-mail address, postal adress and phone number to be able to contact you, but e-mailadresses can also be used for marketing purposes for the individuals who are willing to sign up for this.

This information is also stored for the development of business documents that requires your contact information. Documents related to your commission.

We will also use your e-mail adress to send you graphic materials in the development of your project, along with information about the project at hand that you have contacted Rehbelle Artwork about.

We will store your postal address to be able to send you the invoices related to your comissioned projects along with the information and/or created artwork you have requested related to said project.

Messages to us

We will store any messages you send to us involving a commission or a request for information.

Acceptance of us storing your information is made to uphold the GDPR-laws.

Acceptance of us storing your e-mailadress for marketing purposes is made to uphold the GDPR-laws.

For the individuals that use our contactform, we will store your names, e-mailadresses and phonenumbers to be able to contact you. We will also store the message you have attached to said request.

Personal information submitted in the contact form that doesn’t relate to any requests of commissions are deleted manually.


For individuals who wish to receive our newsletters we will store their e-mailadresses to be able to contact them.

Request for contact through socialmedia will fall under the rules and quidelines to said service. Storing of information from socialmedia will be handled through these services and can I some cases, along with your expressed approval, also be stored by us if they are included in our guidelines of handling of information concerning commissions.

Where we store your customer information

When information is sent using our contactform or directly to our e-mailadress, it will be stored in a database that is located on a server handled by and then sent to said database. This information will also be forwarded to an outlook account connected to Elizabeth Heimburger – Rehbelle Artwork- the artist handling your commission.

How long do we store your information?

We will store your information for 1 year past the first contact with you. Your contact information related to any business documents (invoices, agreements) will be stored for accounting-purposes  for 7 years due to laws related to these actions.

Removal of customer information

If you wish  for us to remove your stored information, please contact us and we will handle this within 30 days after we have received your request.